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Conference Call - conference anytime, anywhere

Business trips are time- and cost-intensive. The conference calls from GTC central-meeting bring all participants together – quick and uncomplicated! After one-time registration: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A tone dial capable phone enables every dialogue partner to dial into any conference. You don’t need any additional equipment, which means no extra investment, in order to take part in a conference.

Your advantages

  • No investment
  • From any telephone
  • Worldwide access numbers
  • Trilingual menu
  • Many additional features

Online customer area

In your secure customer area you can book your conferences round-the-clock.  You can choose between dial-in, dial-out and web conferences. Mixed forms are also possible.

Worldwide access

For your dial-in conferences there are international access numbers available: landline numbers in D, AT, CH, as well as local call numbers in many countries (local landline numbers in USA, GB, F, and many more).


You can use your conference room regularly or only once. Each meeting room is password protected. The conference servers are all located in Germany and are subject to severely security measures.


All participants dial in in the password-protected conference call at the desired time by phone. There are service numbers and local access numbers available in many countries.




All participants will be called automatically by the system when a dial-out conference begins at the desired time. After a successful connection with the moderator, he will be connected with the participants.


A picture says more than 1000 words: Support your conference call with a pictorial representation and show your participants processes, programs and documents. You decide who has access to the files and who sees what.

Bettina Holz

A client’s opinion about GTC central-meeting:

"Our employees are on the road throughout Germany, partly even in Europe. A regular coordination is essential here. We are completely independent with GTC central meeting: all participants are dialing themselves in via telephone.

It doesn’t matter, where the participants are. Even the dial-up from abroad happens at low costs, due to international access numbers."

Conference Calls - quite simply

  • Online customer area
    With a few clicks you can book a conference at any time - day or night.
  • Worldwide access
    Confer with counterparts from all over the world: with international access numbers and a trilingual menus.
  • Webconference
    Provide all participants with important information - quickly and graphically.




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