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A great deal of time and high costs - these are factors which play a key role in organizing meetings. With conference call and web conferences of GTC central meeting you reach customers and business partners in a short term and very cost-effective. No matter where you are - all you need is an Internet connection and a touch-tone phone!

We offer these kind of
conferences for you

Your advantages with GTC central-meeting

No investment

For using our products you don´t need any investment or installing. An internet access will do!

Worldwide access

For your dial-in conferences there are international access numbers available: landline numbers in D, AT, CH, as well as local call numbers in many countries (local landline numbers in USA, GB, F, and many more).


You can use your conference room regularly or only once. Each meeting room is password protected. The conference servers are all in Germany and are subject to severely security measures.



Each participant can choose between three languages for the menu: English, German or French.

Different types

You can choose between different types of conferences: Dial-In, Dial-Out, Web conferenz or a mixture of all of them.

Different pricing models

You can choose if there is a central pricing towards the organisator or if each participant is paying for his connection by himself (telephone bill)

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